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     WE are the Plasmic Transition Process "Research & Design" and "Consulting" Engineering company that has the "EXPERT's", holds the "Patent(s), filed & Pending, & IP and "Associated Technologies""
     Our mission is to make ANY "PLANET SAVING" new technology available to all manufacturers, into the world and in use, as quickly as possible.

   Providing a more livable world for our kids and US. -- 4/17/2014.

Plasmic Transition Process, Ltd. is NOW "OFFICIALLY", the successor to Inteligentry, as the world leader in Plasmic Transition Process technology.
Using high powered plasma expansion, the PTP Engine is a direct replacement for internal combustion engines
AND .. Many Electric Motors, as well. NO LONGER an "Evolving Alternate Energy Company", we are THE Company.

No intake. No exhaust. NO POLLUTION!!! Welcome to the Evolution of Power!

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    Welcome to the new Plasmic Transition Process company web site!     The ex Inteligentry Investors have created a new closed corporation to be made up mostly of the current, now, ex Inteligentry Investors. All valid investors are being reapportioned to a proper stock position. Stock was allocated and assigned at the first meeting January 25, 2014. All now ex Inteligentry Investors were in good standing, no broken contracts etc, claimed a position in the new corporation. Those that have NOT responded have until May 1, 2014 to do so or they will lose their place here as well as being raped by the SEC. See Below for some specific removals and contact Sandy for updates.
    The purpose of the new corporation is to "leave no man behind" from the onslaught of the FBI/SEC raid and closure of Inteligentry AND To carry forward the dreams of the investors, finish the planet saving work and investigate the technologies past this "Tip of the Iceberg".

    Click Below to see what we do, have done and the future!


    Some Big News, as of April 15 2014 all of John Rohner's patents, filed, pending, provisional and to be written are now the property of Plasmic Transition Process, Ltd.
    The current Patent pending and several new Provisional patents, filed since June 2013, have been assigned to the new corporation, as keepers. These patents should give the corporation a "BIG" stick in the field of Plasma derived power technology.

    The new Corporation was opened with initial Stock allocation of 75,000 shares, 25% set aside for growth and has been set up for the now ex Inteligentry Investors (screwed out of their investment by the SEC) together with the ex employees of Inteligentry (screwed out of their jobs by the SEC action) and will initially be a "parent company" that has a "Engineering Consulting Company" that will handle new control engineering consulting, and a "licensing group" to administer licenses of the Intellectual Properties, Copyrights and Patents (active, in process or pending) held by the corporation in partnership with the funding founders, employees and others throughout the world. The parent will administer per a Legal department all patent, libel or copyright litigation and collections thereof.
    The consulting company is a held "company" that will, over time, be bought out. The "Consulting Company" is in existence NOW and will be the primary element until redirection is pulled into the Corporation as decided by stockholder vote on Board recomendation.
    It is clear that the SEC has no respect for the Inteligentry Investors and ex employees, their Investments of money and time or dreams. So hopefully, considering the technology is available from the ex employees plus that which is "open" the technology can be grown and actually get a chance to help the world.
    Since the USPTO failed to provide a Trademark to Rohner, a good thing for us, the company name now states that trademark and copyrights it as the companies property.
    Membership in this new company is open to all Inteligentry investors in good standing and other interested parties per the Major Investors "Screening" board. Assignment of specific stock allocations will be specified and voted on at the first meeting.
    If the ex investor "screening" shows an individual has done anything that tarnished Inteligentry, or breached any contract, they will not be allowed to join and must wait for the SEC to "reward" or simply write it off or be prepared for whatever legal action that "Inteligentry" may bring for you to pay. The screeners do reserve the right to refuse anyone they feel it is not worth having someone that is not trustworthy, a partner or just a troll in the company of those that do wish success. We all know some of these. Inteligentry investors will "trade" their investment in Inteligentry for this new company. Keep in mind if you had a block of 10 that will now be a block of N, the multiplier voted in and translate to more shares in the new corporation.
    There has been a set aside of 30% for use to "entice" management, employees or others. The First meeting will also vote in the Directors and officers, investors meeting every 6 months etc.

    John Rohner will not be a part of the corporation per the current fraud riddled SEC orders. The SEC is having a VERY hard time proving anything is a fact or proving any allegation. Thus their case is riddled with their FRAUD.

    The first meeting was held. John Rohner provided a news overview of the latest actions of the SEC in trying to screw all investors and pass everything on to Girouard (money) and Tana Kane and Dan (technology).

    Rohner also advised that he has published, as accepted by the IRS, a document so all Investors can "write off" their investment as a "loss" on their 2013 taxes as an adjustment to Income. Seems like the IRS does not understand why the SEC/DOJ would cripple and Kill a viable business that was about to make the world a better place and them big taxes, either. Contact John if you need a copy.

    So the big news is the Inteligentry Technology is back in development and could now get to market in as little as 6 or 10 months.


    Current Inteligentry Investor Statistics:     AS OF Jan 1, 2014.

    "Original" Investors as of April 1, including employees and "Founding Specials", (not known to Tana) ~ 153

    "Original" Investors removed for disciplinary reasons per Special Rule (Breech of Contract), already stole the technology for themselves or just "opting out" ~ 53

    "Smart" Investors giving up Inteligentry Stock, as a loss, and moving to their New Corporation ~ 100

    Remaining Investors holding collateral certificates, (now made worthless by the SEC/FBI combined action) not yet heard from or NOT converting ~ 8.

    All Inteligentry Investment receipts are now void. There is no money available to pay them and Inteligentry is millions of dollars in the red. The investment is null, get a copy of the document to use for your taxes.

    The new corp wants only those interested in developing and growing alternative energies for use and profit.

    Deadline was First Corporate meeting January 25th 2014, in Las Vegas, NV.

    Notice that this new corporation will be developing any technology it feels deserves the work. John Rohner Has been "Contracted" to provide all his new Pending Patents to the new corporation. As of The forming of this company, it also has the right to sue anyone for infringing on any Inteligentry developed IP or copyright, or any copyright held by John Rohner, as well.

    If you were not a investor in Inteligentry and wish to invest in this new "holding" and "developmental" company feel free to contact Sandra per the Contact page at for details. Inteligentry never advertised a per stock price and the New corp will not either so you need to ask. The new corp will be created at the first meeting. Control and operation will be by those "elected" or "hired" to do same. The face book page below will be the ongoing update to investor portal.

    PTP Investors, Join the Face Book Group "
    Plasmic Transition Process Phoenix". .. PTP Phoenix Group.      This is the "PRIVATE" Investors information and Corporate group. "PRIVATE" so Open Only to PTP Investors.

    CHECK NEWS @, the newcorp page. FOR LATEST NEWS!!


Plasmic Transition Process will show the developments as we create better and more efficient products. There will never be a "Public" video from this development Center, that is a lesson now well learned, as we work exclusively for our clients and licensees.
    Inteligentry was "Open" and look what it got for it. F--K the TROLLS and Wannabees!!!

    Guess that is The perils of becoming THE WORLDS "EXPERT" in a NEW Technology to HELP the world..


    "The current NSA scandal had you on their radar for about to release "disruptive" technology."
    "It's not about terrorism but with crowd-control everybody."

    "Good to see you moving forward and counter sue their ass off with a huge claim attached."

    Guess NOW WE KNOW EVEN MORE ABOUT who is TRYING to sink us, as some thought.
    The perils of becoming THE WORLDS BEST" EXPERT in a NEW Technology to HELP the world




    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Plasmic Transition Process Has been given "Exclusive Rights" to the EX Inteligentry IP but is NOT making engines, in the US, - BUT - Plasmic Transition Process will be protecting all the License contracts, Copyrights and IP, written or verbal or any other kind, that it has been licensed to have rights to. All Masters licenses have their rights to the IP etc and may use it as they wish. All new Masters licenses are available - see contact page.
    THIS IS NOW considered an "ASSET" to the Investors. Anyone that has, or will, without written permission, broken any contract or agreement, or infringed, our Technology or Patent Pending IP, will see their day in court.

    Important Information for our foreign masters. The Technical "GURUs" from Plasmic Transition Process have formed a new consulting company, headed by Sandy , whom you all know and trust. She has been given permission to "consult" with the foreign masters to help them get their In Country Research groups, and some foreign Universities and colleges, going so they can continue the work done here in the US, and are now "frozen". In this way, the masters will not lose their License fees and can continue from the training they got, already. This company has been given rights to use all of our pending patents, Copyrights, or IP as needed and to "license" any foreign manufacturers that they may wish to join. Sandy is the point person and primary contact..
    NO ONE ELSE has this permission and Plasmic Transition Process, or a master, will take appropriate legal actions to stop any entity NOT ALLOWED or LICENSED to use this IP, drawings, copyrights, patent(s),filed & Pending, in whatever form and information. This company is at the moment a Private "for profit", of the Investors, company. As such, will retain the US Master, later, probably next spring, the US licensees can apply the Masters information and get back to work.
    So anyone outside the US that wishes to be a country master or use this technology should contact Sandy . Again, she is the only contact for this and she is also the ONLY contact about what is happening for the Investors group. Plasmic Transition Process in now a private closed company. So any CURRENT Inteligentry "investor" should feel free to check this site for info, or contact Sandy .


NOTICE: John Rohner has been Contracted to rewrite some of his early documents so soon there will be a "HOW IT WORKS" Page on this site complete with updated information. Look for that in a FEW Weeks.

How the Plasmic Transition Process system works.

    To start this discussion, this Engine is not, just as the original Papp engine was not, a Pulsed Plasma motor.  Plasma is not retained and pulsed as many others have stated. The plasma is recreated with each power stroke and returns to a steady state gas on each return stroke thus the name Plasmic Transition Process . The initial power event and creation of plasma, for expansion, is derived from a actuation event within the cylinder, a very high voltage ball, similar to a lightning ball, is created at Top Dead Center (TDC) which creates a Plasmic Transition, expansion of 5 to 1, which is contained in a sealed cylinder thus pushing the Piston and rotating the crankshaft system.
In a single cylinder engine there are only 3 moving parts so the addition of a flywheel is required to provide the kinetic energy to complete the non powered cycle. There is no need to recycle electrons from one cylinder to another unless you are looking for a perpetual motion machine.
 This is a new system that crosses the previous borders the science of Physics as it is part Fusion, fission and plasma working together utilizing elements of each to the advantage of the result. this result is power.
The output Torque is steady over the range of the Rotation of the engine, roughly 400 Ft Lbs in a 500 CC engine, at any engine rotational speed. So Horse Power is a straight rising line.

    There are two parallels to explain the Plasmic Transition and power production of this motor in our world. First is natural lightning, which uses a almost identical or similar process as does the Plasmic Transition Process The second is Live steam which provides the same torque over rotational speed event characteristics. There is nothing comparable in our current internal combustion motors operation. 

        The single most crucial part of this motor's operation is the Electronic Control System. Our Modern  ECS comprises multiple programmable micro computer controllers, a Radio Frequency Power generator, a HV Spark Coil initiation driver, various electro magnetic Coil voltage switches providing a base (resting) or variable (engine speed) voltage for all cylinder or reaction chamber electro magnetic coils, a DC to 12 Volt DC output converter, a engine speed DC to programmed Variable voltage (3 to 48 Volt) DC converter, a inter controller communications port, a instrument support CAN port, for user panel etc, and action port which receives commands from the user comprising, by not limited to, things like Run, Start, Throttle position, hold speed, Brake application, Brake hard, various motor inputs and Fuel container information. Pretty complex when you consider the first one John Rohner designed in the 80s.

    For a more in depth look, SEE the Document page and read "How It works", My old description, but informative. WE started describing this process to be like "Lightning" and the Power production like a "Steam engine".
Lots of people now copy this description!


    NOTICE: This web site is maintained by John Rohner, under contract to Ram Engineering. Please direct all comments to Robert Rohner, who would like to kill any entity that threatens his ability to collect money for nothin, he has nothing to show somethin for 30 some years and who has copied from John's work and attacked John for years with various lies and Bob Speak (BS) has already started his attack, on you. John will deflect all his garbage to Inteligentry for comment and will not discuss it here. This is your site and I will report what I am asked to. Any mention of Bob will probably be "historical" and should be factual. So don't let his BS get to you, in any forum, as that is his, and other wannabee and TROLL's playground as they can do nothing else. Just smile and know he is jealous of what you are accomplishing just as he was of Johns discoveries.. :0)


    Be sure to Enjoy Life ... it is GOD's, by whatever name, greatest gift to YOU.


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   Note: we are not asking, raising or charging monies to rebuild old motors (based on stolen IP and hardware) to line our pockets. It is our aim to create the least expensive way for a manufacturer to get into production with, or use, our " "patent pending" technologies and become productive in it's future development. We want to share the wealth not be greedy. Mankind has a greater need to us than just money.
   We want our engines to be inexpensive, used and our licensees to be successful!!!

  Please do not confuse our advanced process Technology with the so called " Pulsed Plasma Motor ". There is no such thing. It is a "marketing" name used by one company without any patent, using stolen hardware, IP and information, to raise money by making it sound "Magic". Anyone who understands plasma could tell you this.  Plasma is Created,  expands and returns to the "steady" gaseous state for the next cycle to rebuild.  No Pulse needed.

     Plasmic Transition Process, the company or personnel, is NOT affiliated with Clean Energy Inc. (CEI) OR Robert Rohner OR Tana Kane and Dan Glover or Dr Mike Girouard OR  Heinz Klosterman OR  Unity International OR  Rohner Group, llc  OR  or any such other SCAM or Fraud, in any way. Nor do we wish to be, in any way, for known reasons. You all know why.